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Sheahan Law and Legacy utilizes the most innovative technology to ensure the most efficient and convenient estate and legacy planning experience. The Memorial Bank ensures that the most precious parts of your Legacy are not overlooked in the planning process. 

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Protect your assets and property with the convenience that all of the tools and legal vehicles provided by the intersection of law and technology. Sheahan Law and Legacy will assist with the creation of a Whole Legacy Plan whether you need a simple will, or an Intentionally Defective Trust, make end-of-life or emergency health care plans with an Advanced Medical Directive, assist with whom to appoint as a fiduciary or other Power of Attorney.


Our Whole Legacy Planning strategy will provide for complete protection of your minor children in the case of Accident or Emergency. You can be assured your children will always be protected and cared for by the person of your choice.


Receive a complete, organized and easy to understand color-coded chart of your asset planning so you can cut through the legal jargon and conveniently identify what is what.  

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Whole Legacy Planning and Legacy Memorial Bank with Maintenance Trust*

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Have you ever felt the need to write a letter to your children so that if the worst occurred, your children could still reap the benefits of your wisdom, even hear your voice? With the Memorial Bank be assured that along with your Whole Legacy Planning, your words, recordings, documents, or pictures will be timely provided to offer the advice, solace, congratulations or best wishes that you would have given at that specific time. Our automated services will provide the means for your heirs or named beneficiaries to make a virtual request for specific messages at specific times or you can have us send them automatically with the Memorial Bank Maintenance Trust.


We recognize that the process of Legacy Planning should incorporate the emotional and spiritual traditions and history of your family. What Legacy do you want to pass on to your children and grandchildren? When you store your thoughts, stories, memories and knowledge within a Memorial Bank incorporated within your estate planning, even your great-great grandchildren will reap the benefits of your wisdom. 

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