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Strategic Business Goals and Growth Plans

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Engage with your business through a targeted review of systems, business structure, operations, management, statutory and regulatory compliance, etc.  In the Strategic Business Goals & Growth Plan*, which begins with the Meet, Greet, Goals & Growth Session where we review the current status of your business, locate areas of growth potential and map out a plan on the calendar to maintain development. Sheahan Law and Legacy will do its part while you work on meeting each landmark within the growth plan. We will continue to meet weekly, monthly, or quarterly to maintain the momentum to reach the summit of your goals & growth potential. 

Starting a business you love, but feel overwhelmed? Allow Sheahan Law and Legacy to guide you through the legalities of business formation, choosing the right business structure, management, operations, etc., while you focus on being an Expert. Sheahan Law and Legacy can offer virtual guided assistance, online meetups, chat, text your questions on the spot, and can assist with single document preparation or assist with creating short or long-term goals and keep you on the path to success! 

Check out the intersection between Whole Legacy Planning and Business Planning with a custom Business Succession Plan. If you already have an estate plan but forgot to include assets belonging to your business, have shared interests, or just need to plan for any kind of emergency or accident that may take you out of the rat-race, Contact Us about Business Succession Planning.

The Business Goals and Growth representation is a No-Hassle Subscription Payment Plan. Arrange a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly schedule to meet your needs. The first week will involve an introductory "Meet and Greet Session" to cover house-keeping items and finalize your Goals and Growth aspirations and determine a timetable, dependent on the Plan and Client needs. 

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