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  • Rachael Sheahan, Esq.

It is Easier than ever to Get in Touch!

About the Firm - News, May 23, 2022


It's getting easier and easier to get in touch! Get answers to your questions, hope for a convenient solution, and peace of mind to the trouble nagging you.

The Office of Sheahan Law and Legacy LLC has more options to take your call and forward you to the right person to meet you where you stand. Call anytime 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. A Virtual Receptionist will be on call to give you an extension or provide a transcript for your message to a client coordinator, your attorney or your future attorney.

If you are not sure if you need legal services, call and ask! If you need help now but don't know if you can afford a lawyer, call and let us know. Sheahan Law and Legacy LLC offers flexible and custom payment options to make sure you have the opportunity to receive the legal assistance you deserve.

Still not sure? Join our Facebook Page or search our handle @lawandlegacy to stay updated on projects, Noteworthy articles on the legal topics important to you. Join our question and answer groups on the specific practice area you want to learn about. I am stacking the deck with Resources and easy to read Noteworthy articles on topics important to you. Click the button below to visit the virtual office where you can send a message to let me know the topics you want to read about.



(912) 420-3338

Rachael A. Sheahan, Esq., Ext.


Client Coordinator, Ext.



(912) 420-3331

R. Sheahan - Direct

(912) 420-3337

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